Discount Offers


When more than one package is going to a different address and can be picked up at the same time and may be delivered by the same driver. Discounts apply to additional deliveries. This discount offer applies to all of our delivery services that we offer! Below is an example of how this offer works.

Example based on In Town Delivery:
1st package rate: $35.00 $35.00
2nd package rate: $35.00 15% discount= $29.75
3rd package rate: $35.00 20% discount=$28.00
4th package rate: $35.00 30% discount=$24.50
5th package rate: $35.00 40% discount= $21.00
6th package rate: $35.00 50% discount=$17.50

* Specific discount is calculated at order time and varies depending on distance and area. To qualify for discount orders must be placed at the same time. Full price shipment is always on the address with the highest rate. Discount may not apply in all cases (e.g. deliveries in opposite directions).


A 50% discount applies to return delivery back to original pick up location. Our multiple discount offer may apply, talk to our staff to find out more about this offer.


We understand that word-of-mouth is the best advertisement. With that in mind we would like to extend to our clients a 10% discount on their next delivery/courier service for a referral. The referred individual/company would also receive a 10% discount on their first service. It’s that simple!