Charity Assistance Program

f64840e2be73479a8b4a9b8cf3456ab9“Working with the community to help our community!”

Our Vision at Emurgent Courier is that our services can provide assistance to our local community. We are dedicated to servicing our non-profit organizations throughout Contra Costa County. We invite the businesses in the community to help in two ways; Bin Donations and/or Monetary Donations.

Non-Profits we have worked with:

Emurgent Courier

“STAND! For Families Free of Violence is a catalyst for breaking the multi-generational cycle of violence, promoting safe and strong relationships, and rebuilding lives.”


Emurgent Courier

“Through targeted, compassionate, and effective early intervention services, We Care helps young children and their families reach their full potential, regardless of their abilities or circumstances.”
Businesses that have donated:

Murillo Racing
Merrill, Nomura & Molineux LLP 
Anthem Screen Printing
Steward Property Services, Inc. – Your Home Is Where Our Heart Is”
Legacy Air
Jose Marin Law
Sign Wave
Quality Scales
Seal Tec
Colorado Pool Systems
Keep Cool, USA
Titus MRF Services


What are your benefits?
  • You do not need to lift a finger other than to fill a bin or pick up the phone! We will drop off and pick up all donated items as well as communicate with the organization.
  • You will receive 15% off of one of our services for every bin filled!
  • You can feel great knowing you helped your community in need!
How does this work? 
Emurgent Courier has been working hard to find non-profit organizations in the Contra Costa community. We offer two separate ways to help!
Bin Donations: Emurgent Courier is provided bins to deliver to our customers. Once your business has shown interest in our program or the non-profit, we will deliver a bin to your establishment. For the recognition you deserve, please fill out the card we hand to you! Once the bin is filled, we will come and pick it up and take it directly to the non-profit. Make sure to take and keep the discount card! Without it, we may not know that you deserve your discount.
Monetary Donations: For all qualifying invoices, Emurgent Courier will donate 10% of your invoice to the non-profit of the month. You will not be charged any additional amount!
How do I know if I have a ‘qualifying invoice’?
As long as we do not have a contract set up for your delivery(ies), your invoice is ‘qualifying’.  If we do have contracted rates set up and you would like to be involved, you may set up a delivery outside of our contract.
Any company in the Contra Costa Area are welcome to request a bin during our Bin Donation months regardless of contracted rates!